Volunteer Staff

Carolyn Hansen, LL.M
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC

Carolyn is a Brennan Science Healer who maintains a private healing practice and presents workshops on healing around the world. She began her healing studies in 1998 while living in Taiwan. In 2003 Carolyn graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s 4-year Healing Science program. In 2005 she completed the 2-year Advanced Studies/Education program of that college which qualifies her to teach Brennan Healing Science. She has conducted workshops in the Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science in the US, Europe and Asia. In 2008 she completed the Brennan school’s advanced program in psychology, becoming a Brennan Integration Practitioner. From 2005 to 2007 she was a credentialed Complementary Medicine Practitioner at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston. From 1997 through much of 1999 she taught Chan (Zen) meditation at a large monastery in Taiwan and for two years after that was the Director for Fundraising and Program Development of the Dharma Drum Retreat Center in Pine Bush, New York. As a mediator and attorney she is also involved in national and international organizations bringing principles of psychology, ethical service and healing into law schools and the legal profession. http://www.HansenHealing.com

Clara Kramer-Wheeler

Clara has been studying energy medicine and holistic healing modalities since age 16. Now in her early 30’s, Clara has completed a variety of energy medicine training programs including the 7-month Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship at Partner Earth Education Center with renowned teacher, healer, and herbalist Pam Montgomery, as well as a year-long program at The Psychic Horizons Center in Colorado where she studied the art of clairvoyant readings and aura-chakra healings.  In 2009 Clara graduated from Naropa University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Traditional Eastern Arts, and Contemplative Psychology. Clara is a Nondenominational Minister, a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, a Certified Reiki Master, and a teacher of young children.  Clara is always seeking magical ways to work with children & adults that integrate the beauty of nature along with her knowledge of energy medicine.

Cornelia Wathen, M.A.,
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC
Coordinator, Community Holistic Healthcare Days

Cornelia graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in music, from Columbia Teachers’ College with an M.A. in Education, and from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s four year Healing Science training. She has had a private practice as a healer since 1991. She studied Soaring Crane Qigong with Master Zhao Jin Xiang in 1988, 1990 and 1993, both in the USA and in China. She was certified as a teacher by Master Zhao in 1993 in Beijing. Since then, she has studied with many healers, including Charles Ridley (Dynamic Stillness, advanced craniosacral touch), Tom Kenyon (Advanced Sound Healing), John Beaulieu (Sound Healing, BIOSONICS), Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics levels 1 & 2) and Eric Pearl (Reconnective Healing levels 1, 2 & 3). She became a biofeedback practitioner using an Orion Bioscan machine in 2005, which she uses with her clients when appropriate. She was a student of the Diamond Approach to Realization for thirteen years, which has deeply informed the psychological and spiritual aspects of her relationship with her clients. http://www.corneliawathen.com

Deb DiPietro DebDiPietro_pic
Deb completed study in One Light Healing Touch and is currently working toward completing Reiki training to add to her healing practices. Always having a strong intuitive sense, she began a deeper spiritual journey through exploring nature photography where working in the field became a form of mediation and connectedness.   Deb’s background is in the science field where she has worked as a Microbiologist in both clinical and environmental settings.  She has also worked as a teacher, as well as other roles in the school system.  She has facilitated workshops in wellness and in photography. Deb enjoys learning new things and is always working on expanding her creative and intuitive aspects.  www.softenedpeaks.com

Donna Nisha Cohen, MS
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC
Coordinator of Holistic Self-Care Classes 
Donna has a Masters in Applied Linguistics, Trained at Bank Street School of Education.  Donna, is a retired ESL (English As a Second Language) teacher, a community organizer and a Wellness Educator. Donna began community organizing in the 1970’s as a way to strengthen and empower communities, families, and individuals of diverse backgrounds and orientations. She helped create The National Congress of Neighborhood Women in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The NCNW combined community based education for working-class women with apprenticeship work programs designed to develop effective community leaders. Donna ‘s interest in empowering women was also reflected in her tenure as president of the Queens Chapter of The National Organization for Women. Donna became interested in personal transformation in 1978 when she began her study of yoga and meditation. Donna is currently a 500 hour nationally certified yoga teacher trained at Kripalu and is the director of Yoga On Duck Pond: Center for Self Discovery Through Yoga, in Stone Ridge, NY. She has in recent years developed a therapeutic approach to yoga influenced by her study of Feldenkrais. She is certified as An Embodied Life Practitioner. An Embodied Life includes awareness practices utilizing meditation, movement, and guided self-inquiry. Donna offers individual Guided Self-Inquiry Counseling sessions as well as yoga classes and private yoga sessions. Donna remains curious about how we can cultivate self-understanding, clarity and love in our lives and infuse those qualities into our families, communities and the world. www.yogaonduckpond.com

Elizabeth Gross
Elizabeth is a Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner (CTP), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Mindful Eating Guide. She has been actively practicing these modalities throughout the Hudson Valley, where she has lived for the past 7 years. She integrates multiple therapies into Thai Yoga Programs and Yoga instruction, including nutrition, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), pranayama (breathing) techniques and energetic support. Elizabeth’s vision is to participate in the healing process of those who strive to deepen their connection to their own energetic and physical body. She focuses on creating safe spaces to help process negative emotions and invite loving kindness into the present moment. Elizabeth’s main enjoyments are cultivating community through healing, cooking delicious healthy meals, and connecting to the natural world. Learn more about Elizabeth’s practice at   www.embracespaceyogatherapy.com

Helen Newman, Ph.D., RPP
Helen is a licensed New York State psychologist and psychoanalyst with over 35 years experience doing individual and couple’s psychotherapy. She has training in a number of modalities including cognitive-behavior therapy, family systems therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. In order to integrate bodily and energetic components into her practice, she trained to become a polarity therapy practitioner and later studied other mind-body therapies such as somatic experiencing and focusing. As a student of Almaas’ “Diamond Approach,” she also brings a spiritual dimension to her work. She believes that the relationship and rapport between practitioner and client play an important role in the healing process. Before relocating to the Hudson Valley, Helen was a professor of psychology at Hunter College, CUNY, where she enjoyed the experience of teaching, along with her private practice. She has written several published articles and chapters and stays current with advances in psychology and psychotherapy.

Jesse Scherer LMT
Jesse graduated from the Florida School of Massage in 1994 and later advanced her studies in Massage Therapy and a wide variety of new modalities at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany. She has studied Harmonyum at the Naam Yoga center in NYC and was trained by Rosita Arvigo in Maya Abdominal Massage. Sourcing from these experiences and a thorough understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, Jesse delivers an intuitive session based on the client’s individualized needs. Offering sessions that specifically address injury rehabilitation, muscular stagnation, flexibility issues, and joint stiffness due to lyme disease and other chronic illness, as well as relaxation and restorative massage. With sensitivity, strength and precision Jesse’s work supports the body’s natural inclination to move from a place of strain, stiffness and fatigue to its preferred state of flexibility, suppleness and integrity. www.catskillmountainmassage.com

Karen Holtslag

Karen has worked in the professions of teaching, guidance and healing since 1971. As an eternal student and teacher, pilgrim and guide she has explored and added many traditions, arts and practices to her “medicine bundle” over her professional lifetime. She began her professional life as a special education teacher. As a counselor, she has been trained in mother-child attachment facilitation based on the work of John Bowlby, D. W. Winnicott and Margaret Mahler and as an ordained priest she has accompanied the dying during their final times. She studied shamanism with Tom Cowan (Celtic), Barret Eagle Bear and Joan Halifax (Lakota Sioux) and followed the path of the ancient frame drum with Layne Redmond. Yoga, sculpture, intuitive reading, Reiki Master, energy healing and deep connection with the earth and her wisdom are many of the paths she has traveled. “I view our beings through the lens of a six-pointed star, with each point focusing a particular aspect of our human nature. My intention on my personal and professional path is to increase compassion and joyful, loving connection as I move through my life.”  k.holtslag@gmail.com

Kate LoyeKate Anjahlia Loye
Kate is a Celestial Shaman, Channel, Reverend, Master Level Energy Healer, and Sound Journeyer for Ascension.  Her work is devoted to bring about the human/earth new evolution, to co-create heaven on earth, New Earth.  She offers private Soul Listening Sessions at her Highland Barn, at Mirabai Bookstore, at the Meta Center in NYC and across the world with long distance healings by phone and Skype.  She offers New Moon and Full Moon Trance Sound Ascension Journeys both locally and beyond.  www.kateloyehealing.com

Kathryn May PsyD
Kathryn is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in New York City and the Hudson Valley for 35 years. She has developed the radically new Visual Centering technique to rework neurological brain channels, allowing students to see life, literally, from a more positive, present-oriented perspective. This, combined with her spiritual approach to social and developmental issues, has evolved into a treatment method for eliminating anxiety and depression as well as resolving personal and family relationship struggles.  Dr. May has been an activist since the 50’s, when the Civil Rights movement came to the fore, and an She is alsooutspoken proponant for women’s rights.  She is the co-author of Back Rooms, An Oral History of the Illegal Abortion Era and she is author of the recent book Who Needs Light?  In it she offers a step-by-step guidance which addresses issues from early childhood to the present dilemma caused by political conflict and dwindling social resources.  Exercises, original poems and historical references blend together to help the reader open his/her brain channels and heart to a brighter view of the possibilities life offers, in spite of the challenges it presents.”Doctor Kathryn’s Simple Wisdom”, her blog, addressing psychological issues and environmental challenges, is an opportunity for people to learn and share comments on their personal experiences.

Katy Bray Photo

Katy Bray CCH
Katy is a Classical Homeopath in practice for 24 years in New Paltz, NY and NYC.  She holds a B.A.in Psychology, is a graduate of the Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy and nationally certified in Classical Homeopathy from the US Council for Classical Homeopathy.  In creating Integral Homeopathics Katy blends CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY, a stimulus to the vital energy using plant, animal and mineral substances in potentized form,  DREAMWORK, a way of conversing with our intuitive voice and MINDFULNESS REFLECTIVE PROCESS, a conversational mirroring of what a symptom pattern is expressing.  Practicing Integral Homeopathics, Katy brings her experience as a clinical supervisor for the School of Homeopathy in NYC, a study of the work of C.G. Jung, the study of sandplay therapy, dance/movement experience and over 30 years of meditation practice. Katy is a meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and has served a 3 year term as Executive Director of Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center.  integralhomeopathics.com

Larry Balestra
Larry is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and a retired New York state Music Educator with 36 years of teaching experience. Presently, he is a free lance musician, actively performing in the area. He was trained in the traditional Usui Reiki techniques by Lorry Salluzzi Sensei, and he is a registered Reiki Practitioner & Teacher (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals and subscribes to the IARP code of ethics. “Reiki is to me both a healing modality and a spiritual path. It helped me through a particularly difficult life experience and I have witnessed its wonderful effects on my family and friends and clients. I enjoy working with people of all ages who wish to utilize Reiki for general wellness and stress reduction as well as for specific tension or pain problems. If nothing else, Reiki provides a mini vacation from your day where you can just let go and do nothing.”

Lev_Headshot_Feb2013Lev Natan  

Lev helps entrepreneurs & creative professionals weave their unique spiritual path into meaningful work through Life Purpose / Business Coaching & Sound Healing.  He is the founder of The Medicine Tree Center, and is committed to a path of practical spirituality that is rooted in purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and vibrant, joyful health.  Lev’s work is rooted in the principles and practical wisdom of ancient mystical and shamanic traditions.  A musician his whole life, Lev awakened to the healing power of sound through spiritual and musical traditions from cultures around the world, including the Chasidic Tradition of Judaism, Indigenous Healing Traditions of Brazil and Peru, Tuvan Throat Singing, and Native American spiritual traditions.  Lev is Certified as an Empowerment Life Coach, and has been serving clients since 2008.  He has a background in addiction treatment counseling and rites of passage work with teenage boys. He graduated from Boston University Cum Laude with a degree in Human Ecology, is also Certified as Agent of Conscious Evolution through Barbara Marx Hubbard’s training with the Shift Network, and apprenticed with Native American Shaman and Elder, Hawksbrother, for six years, has been studying Tai Chi & Qi Gong for 8 years, and is currently enrolled in the Sound and Music Institute’s Practitioner Certification Training.  www.themedicinetree.co

Lincoln Stoller, PhD
     Lincoln Stoller Lincoln trained as a physicist and an astronomer, designed and patented business software, and in 2006 turned his technical skills to the medical field of neurofeedback. He has trained at the Stone Mountain Counseling Center in New York, the EEG Institute in California, the Enhancement Institute in Texas, the New Mind Neurofeedback Center in Georgia, and Stress Therapy Solutions in Ohio. His interest in alternative healing has taken him across North America, South America, and Asia. He now uses his technical expertise to explain neurofeedback to professional and lay audiences through popular and scientific publications, and public lectures, and is the author of the book “The Learning Project: Views of Authentic Learning.” In his private practice Lincoln uses neurofeedback therapy to promote health, enhance performance, and foster personal growth.

DSCF2734Lindsay Iya
Lindsay has been working in the healing profession for over 15 years. She works through telepathic communication with Ascended Masters, Archangels and the client’s spiritual guides.  A session may be realized through conversation, or direct transmission of healing energy, using gentle touch and /or with the use of crystals. Lindsay does healing work for land, and animals as well.  She is a professional telepath who communicates with Devic intelligence and nature spirits.  She has studied with Tanis Helliwell and Marko Pogacnik; two human ambassadors to the nature spirit world.  She spent two years training in animal communication and healing animals with The Animal Spirit Network School. Lindsay has also studied Polarity and Sound healing with John Beaulieu.  She is certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy, through the Upledger Institute.  She is a second degree Reiki practitioner.  And she completed a one-year training in herbal medicine with author and herbalist, Mathew Woods.  She received her 5th Degree Initiate in the High Order of the Dove in Mediumship through Delphi University.  And works as a translator in the Akashic Records, accessing a very powerful library of each person’s Soul journey.  Lindsay finished a two-year training in Shamanic Earth-based medicine through the Sacred Center School for the Healing Arts, in Warrick NY.  She is certified as well in Reconnective Healing, levels I, II, and III,  and has completed Matrix Energetics, levels I and II. “I am honored to be doing the work I am now doing and hold the intention that everyone who lies on my table is completely healed.”  “We are not just material bodies, but subtle beings; and it is necessary for the healer to think like an artist, a story-teller, a creative, mythological person in her attempt to heal and balance the whole person.”      Mathew Wood, herbalist

Lori Gross
Lori has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1994. She trained at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida and is both New York State licensed and Nationally Certified. She studied Hospital Based Massage Therapy at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, NY and has advanced training in Massage Therapy for people living with cancer and other life-altering illnesses.Lori helps her clients find the special quiet place inside themselves where healing begins. In this fast paced and often disconnected world, she inspires people to reconnect body, mind, heart and spirit…and most importantly to feel empowered about their role in their own healing process. Her touch is both grounding and inspirational as she addresses the unique concerns of each client on her table. She uses a nourishing blend of techniques often integrating subtle energetic touch with slow and deep connective tissue work. In her private practice she always uses a sliding scale as she feels that everyone deserves access to health care. Lori is also a Community Health Educator and enjoys leading lively, interactive workshops on a variety of Health and Wellness topics.  (deeperwellmassage@gmail.com  & 845-249-0660)

Margaret Robbins
Margaret has been involved in holistic healing modalities throughout her life. She studied Jin Shin Jyutsu with Betty Smith in 1981. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a natural art which facilitates the restoration of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. It uses 26 points which are used in different combinations held lightly with the finger tips to release and balance blocked energy, thereby restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself. She received a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Therapy Through the Arts in 1990, and has worked with various populations using techniques of art therapy. She has been a student of homeopathy since 1971. In 1995 she received a Certificate of Competency for her two years of study at the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy. In 2009, she completed the first and second degrees of Reiki with Connie Wehmeyer at Subtle Energies in Chester, NY, and was certified to practice this art on others. She is a student of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, and is committed to her meditation practice.


Nancy Eos, MD, MD(H)
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC

Nancy is a medical doctor and homeopath with offices in Liberty and Stone Ridge.  She graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1978. After internship in Detroit MI in surgery, she practiced Emergency Medicine in hospitals, Family Medicine in clinics and volunteered as a Medical Doctor overseas. In the 1980s she was on the teaching faculty of the University of Michigan. Her inclusion of Holistic Medicine began in 1990. She became licensed in Homeopathy in 1991 in Arizona while being a U.S. Commissioned Officer in the Indian Health Service. From 1997 to 2000 she was a volunteer physician in rural India. Presently she volunteers as the Medical Director for the Emergency Medical Services training at Sullivan County Community College (SUNY-Sullivan) and is the Volunteer Medical Director for the Volunteer Ambulances of Livingston Manor, Roscoe, and Rockland in Sullivan County. Besides conventional medicine, her healing modalities include Homeopathy, Reiki, NAET (an allergy elimination technique), shamanic techniques, plant spirit medicine, flower essences, essential oils, alchemy metal-based Selfic medicine, herbs and vitamins. Dr Eos has a private practice of Family & Holistic Medicine in downtown Liberty NY.  As of July 2013 Dr Eos also on Fridays runs a Holistic Urgent Care upstairs at the Stone Ridge Healing Arts Center in Stone Ridge on State Highway 209.  www.DrNancyEos.com   www.StoneRidgeHealingArts.com

Nancy Plumer, M.S.,
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC

Nancy is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a certified One Light Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She is a long time transformation trainer/coach who inspires and supports individuals and organizations to transform through wellness (wellness not meaning just the absence of dis-ease, but full aliveness, vitality, presence, energy, and excitement about life). She has spent more than 30 years studying and exploring various holistic healing modalities, esoteric and shamanic practices, Eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation, compassionate communication (NVC) and various organizational processes. Nancy maintains a private practice of energy healing and spiritual counseling in Stone Ridge, NY. She incorporates yogic principles and practices into consulting and training for organizations, schools and government agencies.. She leads workshops and retreats throughout the United States and teaches a six-month One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School. Nancy, a former public school teacher and principal, coauthored Meaningful Expectations and Consequences: Strategies to Encourage Positive Behavior, a manual for educators to systemically address student behavior. She is a cofounder of Women with Wisdom providing Reinventing Ourselves and Sustaining the Vision Retreats.   www.womenwithwisdom.com

IM000341.JPGRahad C. Daughtrey, LMT, RMT

Rahad is a 50-year resident of the Hudson Valley, currently living in the quiet hamlet of Malden On Hudson.  After a life of varied employment focusing primarily on human services, he is now semi-retired to a quiet Reiki practice (Arcidi Healing Hands).  He has been involved with Reiki since 2006, having received all levels of attunement in the Usui lineage (Level I, Level II and Master Teacher) from Suzanne Anderson (The Healing Energy Center). He is a NYS licensed massage therapist, having received his training at the Center for Natural Well School of Massage Therapy, a self-published poet and an amateur musician. He thoroughly enjoys every chance he gets to share the wonder of that universal life energy known as Reiki.

Rob Norris
Member of Organizing Council for RVHHC

Rob has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for over twenty years. He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City–where he studied Swedish massage, medical massage and shiatsu–and of the Laura Norman School of Reflexology and is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Rob is also certified in deep-tissue and sports massage and is a fifth generation Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing. He has also studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Matrix Energetics and is a Reconnective Healing practitioner. Rob’s healing room, at his home in Accord NY, is known to many as a place of deep relaxation and profound peace.

Safia Johnson

Safia Johnson has been practicing Plant Spirit Medicine for over fourteen years in Kingston, New York. She completed her training with Eliot Cowan in 1997 and is inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. She is honored to be bringing her love and appreciation for the plant spirits to anyone who is interested in connecting with the enormous capacity of plant spirits to touch human beings to help us live life fully from our hearts. She also teaches introductory workshops to teach others how to connect with plant spirits, she works as a Clinical Consultant in the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary to help train new graduates in their healing practices, and she is the Outreach Director for the Blue Deer Center, a shamanic retreat center located in the Catskills.

Tammi Price, ND

Tammi studied medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine where she received both a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Price strongly believes in the body’s inherent ability to heal. She uses a wide range of natural remedies and therapies, including acupuncture, botanicals, homeopathy, and various somatic emotional release techniques aimed at stimulating and supporting patients’ abilities to heal themselves. A dedicated yoga student for over 21 years, Dr. Price completed her teacher training in Thailand in Wisdom Yoga, a hatha yoga and meditation-based practice. Additionally, she trained in China as a practitioner and instructor of Qi Gong, a healing based martial art. With the belief that we are more than our physical bodies, Dr. Price incorporates yoga philosophy and Qi Gong teachings into her healing practice as a means to engender the whole person, encouraging patients to explore their own sense of creativity, spirituality and harmony.

Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes
Wendy is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, with 37 years experience as an astrological counselor. She graduated from NYU in 1971 with a B.S. degree in Art Education, and began her astrological studies shortly thereafter. She received an M.A. degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling (1989, Vermont College, Norwich University), and went on to The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, graduating in 1993, teaching there through 1996. She is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Her further studies include Silva Mind Control (1977), Psychotherapy as a Meditative Practice with John Welwood (1987-1990), a 4-yr program in Object Relations (1990-1993, The Center for Intentional Living), Flow Alignment and Light Body with Amy Skezas (1995), Matrix Energetics Levels 1, 2 & 3 (2010), ME Practitioners Certification (2011), Reiki Level 2 (2011), and Yuen Method Levels 1-3 (2011-12). Wendy’s private practice in ME and Yuen is based in Germantown, NY, and is available over the phone to clients in other locations. Her website is www.spaciousheartguidance.com.



Dawn Deevy

Dawn is a Holistic Healthcare Counselor and an Ordained Interfaith Minister. She has taught Re-Evaluation Counseling and led a variety of support groups addressing racism, sexism and homophobia. Dawn currently educates clients on how to create healthy/non toxic environments. She also offers home, business and land blessings. She is an herbalist and she creates herbal remedies and organic body products as well as organic home cleaning products. Additionally, she is an organic farmer, an activist for justice in the world and the proud owner of Dawn’s Dog Boarding.


Susan Shaftan Perrin
Susan is a woman of many talents: a thoughtful and focused business analyst, a fine and applied artist, a gardener and nature lover, a longtime herbal and holistic-health student and advocate, a good friend, a loving wife and the hard working mother of a fine teenage boy.As a multi-media artist working primarily in ceramics, Susan makes functional art pottery. She also paints, photographs daily and creates mixed media sculpture. Inspired by nature, her work is beautiful to look at, to hold and to use. With extensive experience in management, education and the arts, Susan’s “day job” has focused on the maintenance of financial wellness, nurturing inspiration and the creation of successful community programs. She directs positive growth by supporting the needs and strengths of individuals, small businesses, schools, non-profits, and other organizations through her business Balanced Consulting. Since moving upstate from Jersey City 15 years ago, she has served as the Operations Manager for a solar company, the Executive Director of the Rondout Valley Growers Association and the Office & Logistics Manager for Allaire Studios. Susan earned her BA in Creative Expression from Empire State College and studied traditional pottery in Japan.  She has developed arts curriculum, taught as an artist in the schools, and most recently was awarded 2 education grants from Arts Mid-Hudson. Susan and her husband (also an artist) created UrthArts Center of Samsonville, a nature and arts space which has held small classes and intergenerational art workshops for more than 10 years. Having grown up in NYC, she now lives halfway up a mountain on a dead end road in an artsy house surrounded by flowers.